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Ladislav Zívr

15.11.2013 / Ladislav Zívr

This book presents a unique collection of color photographs of Zívr's sculptures from public and private collections, including his unpreserved works. The book's chapters on his vari ous creative periods are brought to life with numerous quotes from his previously unpublished diaries. Another important element is an annotated catalogue of Zívr's sculptural oeuvre.


Jaromír Funke Between Construction and Emotion

14.11.2013 / Jaromír Funke

The first large-scale monograph on this internationally renowned photographer.

Jaromír Funke (1896-1945) was a innovator of modern photography, just like Jaroslav Rössler, Man Ray, László Moholy-Nagy, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Aleksander Rodchenko, Paul Strand, and Edward Weston, to name but a few. Like them, Funke set out (in 1922) on the road towards abstraction, which would eventually lead him to his own particular “ism” – photogenism.

Funke also responded to Cubism and created exemplary works of the New Objectivity and Constructivism, but he stood closest to Bauhaus. During the 1920s, he was one of the first to adopt irrational approaches such as Poetism and Surrealism. In the second half of the 1930s, Funke established his “emotional photography” on the basis of Breton’s notion of the magic encounter. He was a typical universally educated intellectual of his era.

This book focuses primarily on the ideas that shaped and transformed Funke’s work, while placing it within the context of European avant-garde photography and culture, of which he was a pioneer.

The book was prepared in cooperation with Jaromír Funke’s daughter Miloslava Rupešová.


Jiří Hanke Views from the Window of my Flat / Pohledy z mého okna

6.11.2013 / Views from the Window of my Flat

In September 1981, Jiří Hanke photographed workmen cutting down the linden trees in front of his house in the town of Kladno. At the time, Czechoslovakia was occupied by Soviet tanks, the country♙s social and political life had been stifled, and Czechs had withdrawn to the privacy of their homes and weekend cottages. Hanke looked out from this private world onto the street, and occasionally photographed this view from his window. He continued doing so even after the 1989 revolution – all the way until January 2003, when he retired and had to leave his employee flat.


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