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Dancing on the Double Ice

Tanec na dvojitém ledě

Dancing on the Double Ice
Author: Jan Ságl
Category:Books, Photography, Art
Language: english and Czech
Translation: Stephan van Pohl
Page count: 540
Binding: hbk
ISBN: 978-80-7437-091-5
EAN: 9788074370915
Date: 2013
Issue number: 1
Price: 39 EUR
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The book bears witness to the early days of the Czech underground, and presents photographs that Jan Ságl took while working with The Primitives Group and The Plastic People of the Universe in the late sixties and the first half of the seventies. The pictures, which the authorities could have easily used against the people depicted in them, had to be hidden for many years. They were not rediscovered until the spring of 2012 – after nearly 40 years during which everyone had thought them irretrievably lost.