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Ladislav Zívr


LADISLAV ZÍVR (1909, Nova Paka - 1980, Ždirec near Stara Paka) spent his entire life endeavoring towards a simplicity and fullness of form, while at the same time subjecting this idea - adopted from his family's pottery-making tradition - to diverse stress tests. Zívr's complicated evolution from Late Cubism to Surrealism, Gutfreundian Civilism, symbolically charged spiritualism, the spirit of Group 42, and imaginative sculpture is proof enough. All these artistic tendencies represented Zívr's attempts at penetrating to what had previously been hidden, in the hope that art could supplement the discoveries of modern science.

This book presents a unique collection of color photographs of Zívr's sculptures from public and private collections, including his unpreserved works. The book's chapters on his vari ous creative periods are brought to life with numerous quotes from his previously unpublished diaries. Another important element is an annotated catalogue of Zívr's sculptural oeuvre.

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