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Virgin Forest Mionší

Prales Mionší

Virgin Forest Mionší
Category:Books, Photography, Art
Language: English and Czech
Page count: 248
Binding: Hbk
ISBN: 978-80-86970-91-2
EAN: 9788086970912
Date: 2009
Issue number: 1
Price: 55 EUR
Size: 29 x 30 cm
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 Located in the Czech Republic's Beskydy Mountains, the pristine Mionsi Forest has long attracted the attention of artists in the region. Photographer Rudolf Janda was one of the first to discover this enchanting landscape in the 1930s; later, landscape photographers including Petr Helbich, Herbert Thiel, Vladimír Bichler, Jan Byrtus, Roman Burda and Josef Sudek followed.