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Jaroslav Valečka

Author: Edward Lucie-Smith, Martina Vítková, Veronika Marešová, Rea Michalová
Category:Books, Art
Language: English and Czech
Page count: 200
Binding: Hbk
ISBN: 978-80-7437-174-5
EAN: 9788074371745
Date: 2015
Issue number: 1.
Price: 39 EUR
Size: 28 x 24 cm
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This monographic publication offers a representative and comprehensive look at Jaroslav Valečka’s work from the years 2010-2015. It presents an artist who has established himself as a distinctive member of the middle generation of artists, as someone who draws on the long tradition of Czech landscape painting and symbolist imagination. Besides his typical enchanted landscapes with distant horizons and magical lighting, the book also explores the hidden, inner sources of his work, revealing the influences of the landscape of his childhood, the darkly melancholy environment of the Lusatian Mountains and the “chilling” stories of their inhabitants.

The introductory essay was penned by renowned British art theorist and curator Edward Lucie-Smith, who has written more than a hundred publications in the fields of art history and poetry. His best-known book, Art Today (1995), remains an indispensable guide to contemporary international art. Other informed studies on Valečka’s work were written by art historians Martina Vítková and Rea Michalová and curator Veronika Marešová.