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Ubu the King / Král Ubu

Jarry & Grossman & Fára

Ubu the King / Král Ubu
Author: Kateřina Miholová
Category:Books, Theatre
Language: English and Czech
Translation: Vronika Bednářová
Page count: 208
Binding: Pbk
ISBN: 978-80-86970-36-3
EAN: 9788086970363
Date: 2007
Issue number: 1
Price: 12 EUR
Size: 24 x 17 cm

The aim of analyzing this legendary 1964 production, from the Theatre on the Balustrade (Na zábradlí), is to keep this work of art in our collective memory; a work which gained domestic and international acclaim. It showed the extraordinary calibre of Czech theatre makers in the 1960's, and also demonstrated certain long-term trends in the development of Czech and European theatre. This original analysis collects This contain a collection of reviews (including translated foreign ones), the director Jan Grossmann's book (The Analysis of the of the Production) from 1966. It also includes later critiques of work, extant scenic and costume designs, photodocumentations, film quotes and newly reconstructed materials: costume design and a PC model of the stage.