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The Old Forest / Starý les

The Old Forest / Starý les
Author: Vladimír Bichler
Category:Books, Photography
Language: English and Czech
Translation: Stephan von Pohl
Page count: 116
Binding: Hbk
ISBN: 978-80-7437-284-1
EAN: 9788074372841
Date: 2019
Issue number: 1.
Price: 22 EUR
Size: 22 x 27 cm

The forest cannot be loved. Although it justifiably arouses feelings of dread, it also fills us with a natural calmness, harmony, and a sense of ancient order and belonging. An old forest is a mysterious thing, a symbol of eternity. This is how it has been captured in the photographs of Vladimír Bichler, who spent years – humbly and with unwavering fascination – exploring the “Lomňansko” region, the area around the towns of Dolní Lomná and Horní Lomná in the Beskid Mountains. Like an unassuming guide, he brings the atmosphere of the forest to life through his photographs to offer us the experience of walking among the trees. Thanks to his exceptional images, we are introduced to beauty and mystery that entirely transcend our being. Bichler accompanies his collection of around a hundred black-and-white photographs with several brief meditations on man’s relationship to the forest community.