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Sixties London

Londýb 60. let

Sixties London
Author: Miloň Novotný
Category:Books, Photography, Art
Language: English and Czech
Translation: Stuart Hoskins
Page count: 120
Binding: Hbk
ISBN: 978-80-7437-122-6
EAN: 9788074371226
Date: 2014
Issue number: 1.
Price: 22 EUR
Size: 21 x 23 cm
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"Here our ‘dear, damned, deceptive city’ is portrayed uniquely and novelly,” wrote the British journalist A. G. Hughes for the album London / The Photography of Miloň Novotný. This book, first published
in 1968, has retained a timeless quality. Yet we need not have been there ourselves to appreciate the
pre-eminence with which the photographer reproduced the cosmopolitan port on the Thames estuary and, in doing so, uniquely captured the mood of a city blazing a trail through the 1960s. That is not to say that this extremely complex subject is limited to topography. A decay, of sorts, in the prominence of the British empire was reflected in the souls of its inhabitants. Miloň Novotný recognised this and conveyed it in his singular way. This book is revisited not so much because of its subject-matter as for the fact that it has become
a milestone in the history of photography, primarily on account of its concept.
It contains a new foreword written by the author and journalist Josef Moucha.