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Lukáš Musil Homo numerus

Lukáš Musil Homo numerus
Author: Lukáš Musil, Jolana Haismanová
Category:Books, Photography, Art
Language: English and Czech
Translation: Stephan von Pohl
Page count: 122
Binding: Pbk
ISBN: 978-80-7437-300-8
EAN: 9788074373008
Date: 2019
Issue number: 1.
Price: 22 EUR
Size: 17 x 22 cm

Numbers play an irreplaceable role in people’s lives. They help us to comprehend the world in which we live. We use numbers for practical matters, for instance to express our age or the state of our bank account, but they also possess profound symbolic meaning and purpose. And although numbers and the act of numbering have given certain historical events a dark and negative connotation, people’s relationship to numbers remains multifaceted and bound to the basic essence of human existence itself. 
By tattooing numbers onto different people, artist Lukáš Musil has brought together a disparate group of individuals who do not know each other, thus creating a kind of web of people connected by their numerical sequence regardless of age, gender, intellect, or social status. As recorded by the series of black-and-white photographs reproduced in this book, Musil’s project poses universal but also highly personal questions regarding the relationship between people and numbers, indelibly linked by the ritualistic act of tattooing.