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Lucian Bernhard

Lucian Bernhard
Author: Christopher Long
Category:Books, Design, Art
Language: English
Page count: 272
Binding: Hbk
ISBN: 978-80-7437-413-5
EAN: 9788074374135
Date: 2023
Issue number: 1.
Price: 62 EUR
Size: 24 × 28 cm

Lucian Bernhard (1883–1972) was one of the great originators of modern graphic design. 
In a career spanning nearly five decades in Berlin and New York, Bernhard laid the basis for a new language of form and communication. 
His brilliant posters, advertisements, book designs, and typefaces forged the very look of the twentieth century and beyond. 
In this lavishly illustrated book, noted design historian Christopher Long traces Bernhard’s life and career, revealing new truths and exploding old myths.