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30 Years of Freedom / 30 let svobody

Interviews on Architecture and Society

30 Years of Freedom / 30 let svobody
Author: Petr Volf (ed.)
Category:Books, Photography, Architecture
Language: English and Czech
Translation: George A. Komrower
Page count: 190
Binding: Pbk
ISBN: 978-80-7437-302-2
EAN: 9788074373022
Date: 2019
Issue number: 1.
Price: 20 EUR
Size: 17 x 24 cm

The book 30 Years of Freedom commemorates the anniversary of the events that began in November 1989 with student protests and subsequently became a fundamental milestone in recent Czech history. In 1989, students of the Faculty of Architecture of CTU and prominent Czech architects alike took part in the Velvet Revolution. 
The course of this historic turning point and its subsequent influence on societal change, as well as on the profession of architecture as such are elaborated through interviews with seven distinctive personalities in the field and across several generations. For the book, Jiří Horský and Petr Volf spoke with Mirko Baum, Tomáš Hradečný, Ladislav Lábus, Miroslav Masák, Michaela Mrázová, Tomáš Šenberger and Zdeněk Zavřel. The publication also includes essays by Oldřich Ševčík and Vladimír Šlapeta, in which these renowned authors – each from his own perspective – meditate on the legacy of November 89 for the present and beyond.