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Tomáš Lahoda


Tomáš Lahoda
Author: Kaja Lahoda Juhl, Tomáš Lahoda, Inge Mertte Kjeldgaard , Kaliopi Chamonikola, Jiří Zemánek, Morris Gyrros, Jiří Ptáček
Category:Books, Art
Language: English and Czech
Page count: 304
Binding: Hbk
ISBN: 978-80-7437-291-9
EAN: 9788074372919
Date: 2019
Issue number: 1.
Price: 55 EUR
Size: 30 x 24 cm
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Tomáš Lahoda is one of the most versatile artists today. Working with an absolute mastery of his craft, he alternates between virtuoso realism and abstract painting, and also has a close relationship with performance art – as evidenced by the richly illustrated publication titled Voilà, which presents a selection of his works to date. Lahoda often works in series, each devoted to a particular subject such as a critique of contemporary consumer society, the forms and changing face of kitsch, or interpretations of the world of advertising. His work is characterized by playfulness, irony, and satire, but always with Lahoda’s sense of perspective, understanding of art theory, and in particular his knowledge of art history. 

Among other things, this representative monograph hopes to introduce Lahoda’s work to domestic audiences, for his art is better known abroad, where he exhibits most frequently and where his works can be found in the collections of many different museums and galleries.