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Eva Mansfeldová

Eva Mansfeldová
Author: František Malina, Pavel Mansfeld, Eva Mansfeldová, Pavel Mansfeld (ed.)
Category:Books, Art
Language: English and Czech
Translation: Derek a Marzia Paton
Page count: 272
Binding: Hbk
ISBN: 978-80-7437-314-5
EAN: 9788074373145
Date: 2020
Issue number: 1.
Price: 40 EUR
Size: 24 x 28 cm
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This monograph looks at the work of Eva Mansfeldová (1950–2016), who is today considered one of the most important representatives of the Czech version of concrete art and, in a way, op art as well. Mansfeldová created paintings whose original formal vocabulary was based on the relationship between color and geometric shapes. In terms of artistic style, her work can be categorized as geometric abstraction, op art, or Constructivism. Her paintings involve a permanent and systematic exploration of perception with the goal of evoking the optical illusion of motion through two-dimensional structure and color. Mansfeldová’s figuration grows out of a way of thinking of the second half of the 20th century whose basic idea is notion that “the universality of art brings with it a universality of formal vocabulary.”