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Jaromír Funke

Kolín 1923 - Album No. 19

Jaromír Funke
Autor: Antonín Dufek, Jaromír Funke, Jaroslav Pejša
Kategorie:Books, Photography
Jazyk: English and Czech
Překlad: Derek a Marzia Paton
Počet stran: 92
Vazba: Hbk
ISBN: 978-80-7437-237-7
EAN: 9788074372377
Datum vydání: 2017
Číslo vydání: 1.
Doporučená MOC: 22 EUR
Rozměry: 21 x 23 cm
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This unique album of 72 undated photographs of Kolín and its surroundings was probably created around the year 1923. It predates Jaromír Funke’s avant-garde period, but it is nevertheless an outstanding collection of works. At the time, Funke had been photographing for just four years, and a frequent subject of his photographs was Kolín, especially important buildings and monuments, but also the town’s hidden corners. Especially noteworthy are his snapshots taken with a good handheld camera – hardly a commonplace item in the early 1920s. Many of Funke’s photographic wanderings were undertaken in the company of Josef Sudek; unfortunately, only a fraction of Sudek’s photographs from that era have survived.

This publication represents an exceptional opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Funke’s photographic work from this period and to admire its uniform vision and style. If album no. 19 had been published at the time of its creation, it would today be included in every overview of important photographic publications of the past.